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I’ve already taken a self-management course with a different name. Should I also attend the “Living a Healthy Life” Chronic Disease Self-Management workshop or is it the same thing?

If you’ve taken a 6-week workshop for 2.5 hours once a week and the main principle was in self-management skills then there’s a good chance that it’s another Stanford Self-Management workshop which follows the main topic themes such as pain & fatigue management, goal setting with action plans and problem solving. Some people take the workshop multiple times to refresh on the principles taught and enjoy the interactive group dynamics.
There are some variances between the programs but it’s your choice whether you want to take the “Living a Healthy Life” Chronic Disease Self-Management workshop or feel you learned the skills in the other program. Remember that this is not a workshop on specific disease education but in gaining the knowledge in managing your disease. So although you might have taken a diabetes or another disease-specific program that educates you on the disease, this workshop teaches you the skills to implement that knowledge as well as other tools in Self-Management.